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ICCE - Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship: Researching and using the Library

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Getting started with the Library

Online Library Induction 2020.

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Researching and using the Library intro

Researching and using the Library 

The term information is often used in an academic context to refer to the sources you'll need to use in essays, assignments and creative projects, to back up your arguments and inform your thinking. Learning how to effectively and efficiently find the information that you will need is an important part of the research process

Your first port of call is likely to be Goldsmiths Library, where you can explore both print and online collections. The instructions, quizzes and demos in this section, Researching and Using the Library, will guide you through the key skills and knowledge you'll need to get started. 

Finding information using Library Search

Finding Information

It is tempting to rely on Google or another search engine to find all the information sources that you want to use. However, it is important to note that Internet search engines don't provide quality control, in contrast with academic content found through specialist databases and Library search tools. These have checks in place to ensure quality and accuracy. 

A good place to start looking for information is Library Search, the main Goldsmiths Library search tool which will allow you to locate physical items in the Library such as books and DVDs, as well as online items such as electronic books and articles. 

Please note, due to Covid-19 safety measures, the Library is currently operating a Click and Collect service for physical items. For more information, click here

Finding Library Search

Library Search

1. Bookmark the direct URL -

2. Find Library Search by scrolling down the Library homepage. This allows you to filter your search before you start. 






Using Library Search

Library Search can generate thousands of research results when you enter your search terms. It is useful to know how to refine your searches properly.

This can be done at the point of searching by choosing the type of information you are interested in such as books, e-books or online journal articles or you can use the filters provided once you have retrieved your search results. 

Watch the demos below to find out more. 


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