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Academic Skills Certificate 2021-2022: Goldsmiths LibGuides

This is a guide to the Academic Skills Certificate 2021-2022

Academic Skills Certificate 2022-2023

About the Certificate

The Academic Skills Certificate is offered by the Academic Support Team and enables you to gain recognition for, and reflect on, the learning gained through the any of the Academic Support workshops HERE.


To achieve the Academic Skills Certificate you need to:

  • Attend any 4 of the Academic Support Workshops.  For a list of the workshops CLICK HERE
  • Submit reflection or evidence for the learning gained through each workshop (see reflection section below for full details)  

Register for the Certificate

To register for the Academic Skills Certificate you need to join the course area on Click to Join

What is the Higher Education Achievement Record?

You graduate from Goldsmiths with more than a degree, your HEAR is the proof.

The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) is the official transcript you will receive at graduation. As well as recording your academic results, it also includes your other achievements – co-curricular activities, university prizes and other awards.

This document can then be shared with potential employers to set yourself apart from the crowd and gain the job you want when you graduate

More about HEAR 

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