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Library Services and Academic Skills Support During COVID-19: Stay at Home Support

Stay at Home Support

This useful blog post, 'Don't forget the human side of homeworking' by Steve Bailey, provides some helpful tips for adapting to working from home. Posted on JISC, March 11, 2020.

Another great blog post on JISC is Chris Thomson's 'Online meeting survival guide' which has some tips for preparing for and getting used to having online meetings. Posted on JISC, March 19, 2020.

This article, 'Keeping accessibility in mind' by Kellie Mote, is a guide on what to keep in mind when preparing your teaching for online. It includes links to more specific guides on webinars, pre-recorded lectures and creating documents. Posted on JISC, March 26, 2020.

A great blog post by Steve Bailey called 'Home studying - finding out what works best for you' has tips on how to discover the best way to study at home for each person. Posted on JISC, March 20, 2020.

Read the Times Higher Education's 'Tips for studying online and at home for university students' by Seeta Bhardwa, published on THE, March 17, 2020.

Sticking to a schedule and managing your time can be hard at the best of times. While adapting to studying at home, this can seem even more difficult. Seeta Bhardwa has some tips on time management in the article 'How to manage your time as a university student'. Published on THE, March 25, 2020.

Diversity & Ability has compiled a large list of free reviews and guides to various software and websites that can help with your studies depending on your needs. Not all are free, but you can filter to only show free ones.

If you have young children who are home from school during this period, this list of Homeschooling Resources has been made available to help with Home Schooling, Wellbeing and Activities to help keep your kids busy and their minds active. 

BookTrust have a selection of interactive books to read online, or to watch with signing, as well as storytime videos and games for kids. Start searching the BookTrust website for books and games.

The National Literacy Trust has developed a comprehensive web portal for parents with free reading and writing resources and ideas for simple activities that will engage children at home while also helping the development of their literacy, language and writing skills.

The RSPCA have free activities and resources to help teach children about Animals and Animal Welfare.

The Tate Galleries may be closed, but they have plenty of online resources for activities and games to keep your kids busy while they're home.

Joe Wicks is currently doing daily 'PE with Joe' videos for kids at home to help them stay active. These videos, and many more for kids and adults alike, are available for free on his YouTube channel The Body Coach TV.

The Scouts have made a page dedicated to indoor activities to do with kids which they call The Great Indoors with plenty of great ideas for activities and many more to come over the following weeks.

Goldsmiths' Wellbeing team is still available for support online. You can contact them on to book an appointment or visit the Wellbeing webpage for more information. All appointments will be via Skype, telephone or Instant Messaging during the College closure.

The NHS website has tips for looking after your mental wellbeing while staying at home including tips on staying connected, looking after your body, sleeping and coping with concerns during this time.

The NHS also have a page with 24 instructor led fitness videos that are free to access. They range from 10 minutes to 45 minutes long and cover aerobics, yoga and pilates and strength and resistance.

The mental health charity Mind have a dedicated page for advice on looking after your mental health and wellbeing during the current lockdown.

Mental Health First Aid England have online resources to help you adapt to working from home and strengthen your virtual relationship with peers and colleagues through their My Whole Self campaign and toolkit. They also have a PDF guide available to download.

Joe Wicks' free online exercise videos, available on his YouTube channel The Body Coach TV, are a great way to stay active and fit in your home. There are a range of different videos including Beginner workouts, 7-day workout series, and workouts for kids. He's also doing daily 'PE with Joe' videos for kids (and parents) who are currently at home.

Seeta Bhardwa has some tips on 'How to manage your mental health when the world feels so uncertain' in this article published on the Times Higher Education website. Posted on THE, March 19, 2020.

Macmillan International Higher Education published the article 'Wellbeing Comes First' by Gareth Hughes. This article is specifically aimed at Student Wellbeing during the COVID-19 crisis with sections on physica, psychological, social and academic wellbeing. 

This section has links to temporarily free online entertainment as well as some of the online streaming platforms you have access to through your Goldsmiths account and the library. have created a list of links to Stage Shows, Musicals and Opera that you can now watch online for free. 

The Royal Opera House will be offering a free programme of broadcasts and live content that is available on their Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Box of Broadcasts (affectionately known as BoB) is an on demand TV and Radio service for education where you can find lots of programmes from over 65 free-to-air channels. Login with your Goldsmiths username and password and start searching.

The Shakespeare Globe's online Globe Player has free content online including 'Shakespeare Lives' and 'Sonnet Project NYC'.

The National Theatre have launched an free online programme 'National Theatre at Home' in which they'll make a production available on YouTube each Thursday, where you can watch it for a week before the next production becomes available. 

Meet the New Library Co-workers!

Baloo (Alex)

This is Baloo, who decided he also wanted to practice social distancing on the kitchen cupboard.

Louie (Diana J.)

Louie is trying to prove he's washed his paws for the recommended 20 seconds.

Orion (Bekky)

Orion likes to 'help' with work.


Dorian (Leah)

Dorian is a fluff puddle who enjoys laying by the radiator, sleeping in his box, spread-eagling and will only drink water out of a proper glass.

Fee (Claire)

This is Fee. When she's not fast asleep she's colouring rainbows!

Molly (Jane)

Molly likes to knock the lid off the beehive and sit in it (there are no bees in the beehive!)

William (Jane)

These are William's hungry eyes, used to tell you when he's hungry - which is always.

Library Plants (Lesley)

These plants are from our library offices, and are being fostered until the building reopens.

Plant (Mark)

ArseBandit (Andrew)

Bella (Danny)

This is Bella, my brother's dog. I take Bella for a walk whenever I can and I look forward to the cuddles when this is all over.

Agnes and Yoko (Sian)

Agnes and Yoko love to squeak, sleep, eat anything left in or near their home and LOVE blueberries!

Archie (Eve)

Archie likes to 'help' order e-books.

Marley and Louis (Elspeth)

Marley and Louis are fond of social distancing - even from one another.

Otto (Elspeth)

Otto would like to know if he can help and more importantly why isn't he getting cuddles and attention?

Buddha and Companions in the Garden (Diana S.)

Snowdrop, Octavia and Bumble Bee (Alice)

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