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Reading Lists: Academics: Editing Lists

Access your reading lists

Academics: Training on editing reading lists

If you would prefer to create or update your list yourself, please contact so we can set you up with editing rights on the system.

We provide one-to-one and group training to support anyone editing. Contact us at or via your Subject Librarian to arrange a session. We are very happy to arrange refresher sessions, too, or to assist with specific queries.

The tutorials on this page provide step-by-step guides to using the system. These can be worked through in your own time.


Autumn 2023: Submitting lists for review

If you are editing an online list directly on the reading list system for Autumn 2023, please remember to publish your changes so your students can view them and send the list to the library for review by the end of July 2023 to allow sufficient time for essential resources to be purchased or digitised.

Why mark resources as Essential, Recommended or Further Reading?

Reading Lists @ Gold requires you to choose between three levels of importance for a resource: Essential, Recommended, or Further Reading:

  • Essential: Usually around 10-20 resources per list you expect students to consult that are accessible online, either via the Library or Open Access
  • Recommended: 20-30 resources per list you would encourage students to consult
  • Further: Resources you would suggest for deepening understanding

Marking the importance of your resources:

  • Allows students to prioritise their work, so that they can engage in class more effectively
  • Tells the library which resources are Essential and Recommended. All Essential and Recommended items will be purchased if possible.
  • Essential chapters and articles will be digitised if not already available electronically. Our copyright licence allows us to scan one chapter or 10% from a book, or one article from a journal issue.

Particularly if the reading list is a long one, students might not be expected to access every resource. Marking an item as ‘Essential’ will make it clear to the student that they need to engage with this material in order to succeed in class.

Embedding online lists on the VLE (Learn.Gold)

Please link your list to the VLE,, as this enables students to access resources directly via the module page. See our guide on linking lists to the VLE for more details.

Full guide to reading list editing


If you have any suggestions for Reading Lists @ Gold, we would love to hear it.

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