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Educational Studies: Books & Journals

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The Subject Librarian for Education is Mark Preston ( Enquiries can be made at Library enquiry desks, open from 9-9 during the week in term time.

Books are arranged on the shelves by subject using Dewey Decimal Classification. The Education section is on the 1st  floor in the 370s, but you will need to look at other sections as well, such as Oversize. Please see below for some relevant subjects and their shelf numbers.

Journals are arranged by shelf number on the appropriate floor, i.e. social sciences, education and language on the 1st floor, and art, music and literature on the 2nd floor. Most journals are on open access, but some back issues are kept in the reserve stack : you can request these at the Library help desk on the ground floor, where staff will collect them for you.

Electronic journals are available on Library Search and can also be accessed from the Library web pages. Our subscriptions include EBSCO, JSTOR, SAGE, Science Direct, and Taylor & Francis. Most e-journals can be accessed from outside college with your Goldsmiths username and password. Please ask at the enquiry desk for further details.

Reference sections on each floor of the Library contain encyclopedias, bibliographies, dictionaries, directories, government statistics and education yearbooks. Similar items are available online, e.g. on Credo Reference.

The School Practice collection on the 1st floor contains books, audiovisual and multimedia  items for use with children, including school text-books, novels and picture books, CDs and DVDs, and teaching objects.


See below for a list of the main classmarks for Education  :

First Floor 370 - 379 371.829 Racism in schools
370 Education, general works 371.9 Education of special groups
370.1 Theory of education 371.92 Autism
370.117 Multicultural education 371.922 Dyslexia
370.1175 Bilingual education 372 Primary education
370.15 Psychology of education 372.21 Pre-school education
370.7 Study of education 372.24 Junior schools
370.78 Educational research 372.4 Reading
371.1 Teaching 372.6 Language & literacy
371.2 School organisation 373 Secondary education
371.26 Assessment 373.25 Comprehensive schools
371.3 Methods of instruction & study 373.3 Public, independent schools
371.5 Discipline, control 374 Adult education
371.65 Museums in schools 375.00942 National Curriculum
371.822 Education of women 378 Higher education
371.826 Equal opportunities 379 Education and the state


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