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Reading Lists: Students: FAQs

Student FAQs for Reading Lists

Q & A

How do I find my Reading List?
Most lists will be embedded on the module pages of Learn.Gold where you can click through to the list. If the list hasn't been embedded on the module page, all lists are searchable on the reading list system by module title, code or academic department.

Q & A

There isn't a Reading List for my module. How can I get one?
Not all modules require Reading Lists. If there isn't one for your module and you think there should be, you can use our Reading List Request form to let us know. We will investigate getting a list created for your module and get back to you. 

Q & A

How do I report a broken link on my Reading List?
Click the three vertical dots to the far right of a Reading List item. Click the option "Report Broken Link". There is an option to add more details about the report and to request a response so that the Reading List team can get back to you.

A red arrow points at the three vertical dots at the far right side of a Reading List item. The three dots have been clicked to reveal a drop down menu. The "report broken link" option is the fourth option down on the drop down menu and has been highlighted with a red square.

Q & A

How do I find an item on my Reading List in the Library?
Click on the title of a resource to find out about library availability. This will show real time information about where it can be found in the library and how many copies we have.

A red arrow points to the title of a Reading List item. The title has been clicked to reveal Library availability information. Another red arrow points to the amount of copies available. A red square highlights that there are three copies available and 2 copies expected on the 16th of May 2022.

Q & A

I need to register with Senate House Library to view an item on my Reading List, how do I do that?
Goldsmiths students are entitled to membership with Senate House Library, you can register and renew annually using an online form. Find out more about Senate House Library and how to register here.

Q & A

How can the Reading List system help me to prioritise my reading?
Using the filter tool can be helpful for narrowing down a long reading list. It allows you to break down by resource type, importance setting and reading intention. An example of this would be filtering the list so that you are only shown the Essential readings:

A red arrow points to the drop down filter menu. The menu has been clicked to show the options: "All", "Physical Resources", "Online Resources", "Undecided", "Will read", "Reading now", "Have read", "Won't Read", "Essential", "Recommended" and "Further Reading". To the right of the each of these options is the number of each type of resource.


You can also use the Reading Intentions menu (the round circle at the far right of each item), to mark a resource with options such as "Will Read" or "Have Read". You can then filter the list to show all the items you have marked under a particular intention. 

A red arrow points to the Reading Intentions drop down menu which is located between the view online button and the three vertical dots menu. A red box also highlights the correct menu. It has been clicked to reveal the drop down options. These each have a small image to the left of the text. The options on the drop down menu are "Undecided" shown with a white circle, "Will Read" which has a blue star, "Reading now" which has a blue circle, "Have Read" which has a blue circle with a white tick inside and "Won't Read" which has a blue circle with a white cross inside.

Q & A

How do I access Reading List material that the Library does not stock?
The Library tries to purchase and stock all Essential and Recommended items on Reading Lists. You can also recommend that we buy a book via our website or contact your Subject Librarian to make the recommendation. Please inform us that it is a reading list item and what module it is for.
You may also request items (including Further reading chapters and articles) using our Inter Library Loan service.

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