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Politics and International Relations: Books

A guide to library resources for Politics & IR, including an overview of databases, advice on referencing, a support page for researchers and contact details for your department's Subject Librarian.

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Goldsmiths Library has a large collection of both print books and ebooks (accessible from home using your username and password).  

You can search for ebooks and print books on Library Search.

Useful classmarks

Books are arranged on the shelves using the Dewey Decimal Classification system (000-999). Below is a list of the most relevant classmarks for Politics and International Relations.

Remember to search the catalogue in addition to browsing.

First Floor      
320 Political science (Politics and government) 324.24107 The Labour Party
320.1 Politics: the state 324.942 Elections in Britain
320.3 Comparative government 325 International migration and colonization
320.5 Political ideologies (Liberalism, Fascism, etc.) 325.3 Colonialism
320.9 European politics 327 International relations
320.942 British politics 327.1 Foreign policy
320.943 German politics 328 Legislatures and Parliaments
320.944 French politics 330 Economics
320.945 Italian politics 330.9 Economic history and conditions
320.947 Russian politics 331 Labour economics
320.954 Indian politics 332 Financial economics
320.96 African politics 335 Socialism
320.973 American politics 335.4 Marxism
321 Systems of politics and states 335.43 Communism
321.6 Dictatorships 335.83 Anarchism
321.8 Democracy 337 International economics
323 Civil and political rights 337.142 European Union
324 The political process 354.942 Government of Britain
324.24104 The Conservative Party 361.6 Welfare



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