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Music: Referencing

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Referencing for Music

The citation style used by the Music department is generally either Chicago or Harvard. Please consult with your tutor if you are unsure about which style to use.

The most important consideration is that you choose one style for the assignment and use is consistently throughout.

Chicago Style Referencing Guides

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Harvard Style Referencing Guides

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Reference Management & Zotero

Reference management systems are time-saving tools that allow you to:

  • Collect and store references for the resources you read as you go
  • Manage and organise your references for different assignments or modules
  • Quickly add in-text citations into your assignments
  • Automatically generate a reference list from these in-text citations

Zotero is an example of a freely available reference management system, and is supported by Goldsmiths Library.

The three videos below will guide you though installing Zotero, collecting references, and adding these references to your word document.

Zotero Tutorials


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