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Zines: Referencing Zines

A guide about the zines collection at Goldsmiths Library

Referencing Zines

The following is advice on author-date style referencing of zines based on Harvard referencing style.

References for zines should be made up of the following elements:

  • Author’s Family Name, Initial(s) or Pseudonym
  • Year of publication (in brackets)
  • Title of zine (in italics)
  • Volume or Issue number (if applicable)
  • [zine]
  • Publisher (if known)

If the zine was from a library collection, e.g. our Liberate! zines collection then also add:

  • Location of Collection:
  • Name of Collection

Or, if the zine was accessed online then also add

  • Available from: Web Address
  • (Accessed: Date)

Example References:

Thami, A. (2019) Biryani with Love : for You & Me [zine]. Bombay Underground. London: Goldsmiths Library Liberate! Zines Collection.


Protest stencil [zine]. (2019). London: Dog Section Press. Available from: (Accessed: 28/04/2023)

Example in-text Citations:

(Thami, 2019) or (Protest stencil, 2008)

Where information is unavailable

  • Do not use 'Anon.' if the author/editor is anonymous or no author/editor can be identified. Use the title of the work instead.
  • If no date of publication can be identified, use (no date), for example Odubanjo, G. (no date)

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