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Anthropology: Books

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Books at Goldsmiths Library

The library has a well stocked collection of print and electronic titles on Anthropology and other related subjects. Use Library Search to search for books by title, author, keywords and more. Books are classified by the Dewey Decimal Classification system - note the classmark, including cutter letters to find them on the shelves.

e.g. The Trobrianders of Papua New Guinea by Annette Weiner is available at 301.22953 WEI.

See below for a list of the main classmarks for Anthropology:

First Floor   303.482 Contact between cultures
301 Sociology and anthropology 305.3 Men and women; gender identity
301.072 Social research 305.4 Women
301.2 Anthropology 305.8 Ethnic groups
301.201 Anthropological and cultural theory 305.80072 Ethnographic research
301.2072 Research methods on Anthropology 305.90691 Migration
301.209 History of Anthropology 306.6 Sociology of religion
301.2092 Works by/about specific anthropologists, e.g. Malinowski, Mead 307.76 Cities; urban anthropology
301.224 Anthropology in Europe 323 Human rights
301.225 Anthropology in Asia 325.3 Postcolonial theory
301.226 Anthropology in Africa 331.4 Labour
301.227 Anthropology in North America 700 Art
301.22729 Anthropology in the Caribbean Second Floor  
301.228 Anthropology in Latin America 709.011 Anthropology in art
301.229 Anthropology in Australasia and the Pacific 780.01 Ethnomusicology
302 Social interaction 791.437514 Ethnographic film

Electronic books are also available via Library Search. When electronic books appear in search results, you will see a link for online access. You can also visit the Dawsonera website to read, download or rent electronic books.

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