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History: Books

A guide to library resources for History, including an overview of databases, advice on referencing, a support page for researchers and contact details for your department's Subject Librarian.

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Print and eBooks

Goldsmiths Library has a large collection of both print books and eBooks (accessible from home using your username and password). Use Library Search to search for books by title, author, keywords and more. Watch the video below for guidance on how to search for print books. 

There is also a growing collection of  e-books listed on Library Search. These can be searched for in the same way as print books but you can use the drop down menu to just select electronic books. 

Useful shelf marks for History subjects

Books are arranged on the shelves using the Dewey Decimal Classification system (000-999). Below is a list of the most relevant classmarks for History.

Remember to use Library Search in addition to browsing the shelves, as books can be classified in different ways (e.g. books on the history of music will be in the music section at 780.9).


901 History theory
907 History teaching
907.2  History writing
909 World history
930 Prehistory and ancient history
940 History of Europe
940.1 Europe-medieval history
940.2  Europe-modern history
940.3 World War 1
940.5 World War 2
941 Scotland-history
941.5 Ireland-history
942.01 England-early history to 1066
942.02 England-1066-1154
942.03 England-1154-1399
942.05 England-Tudor period
942.06 England-Stuart period
942.07 England-House of Hanover
942.081 England-Victorian period
942.082 England- 20th Century
942.084 England-World War 2 
942.085 England-1945
942.1 London-history
943 Germany-history
943.086 Germany-Third Reich 
943.6 Austria-history
944 France-history
944.04 French Revolution
944.08 France-1870
945 Italy-history
946 Spain-history
947 Russia-history
949.5 Byzantine Empire
950 History of Asia
951 China-history
952 Japan-history
953 Arabian Peninsula
954 India-history
956 Middle East (Near East)- history
960 History of Africa 
966 West Africa-history
967 Africa; Sub-Saharan  history
968 South Africa-history
970 History of North America
972.9 Caribbean area history
973 United States-history
980 History of South America

Senate House Library books

Goldsmiths staff and students are also entitled to borrow books from Senate House Library - eBooks can be accessed online remotely. For information on how to self-register online, please see here. You can search for books and other resources available at Senate House Library using Encore



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