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Law: eJournals

A guide to library resources for Law, including an overview of databases, advice on referencing, a support page for researchers and contact details for your department's Subject Librarian.

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What is Findit@Gold?

The Findit@Gold button will help you find and access our Goldsmiths Library subscriptions.

If you see a Findit@Gold button next to an article, use it to check if you can access the full text.

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Goldsmiths library subscribes to a large number of academic law journals.  Most are accessible electronically rather than held in print on the library shelves. Many of them can be browsed here but the fullest list of our law subscriptions is in the table below. And in accordance with the library's strategy to diversify the collection, we subscribe to various subsets of journals, eg African Law, Asian Law, Middle-Eastern Law, Women and the Law.

Searching Journal Articles

There are several ways of searching our journal articles by keywords:

  1. Search using keywords in our Specialist Databases - Westlaw in particular has a very comprehensive index to legal journals.
  2. Search using keywords in Library Search, although be aware that most legal databases aren't included in a Library Search search.
  3. Found an article you can't access in full text? Try checking Senate House or requesting an Inter-Library Loan.

Finding journal articles using Google & other search engines

The Library subscribes to hundreds of journals on your behalf, and we recommend you use the specialist databases to discover these. Google and other search engines do not always find the most relevant articles first, and you will often be asked to pay to access the individual articles.

If you find a journal article online, remember that you will need to log in as a Goldsmiths student to be able to access it freely. Look out for the 'institutional' or 'Shibboleth' log in and choose Goldsmiths from the list. If you struggle to log in, try searching for the article or journal title on Library Search instead.

Google Scholar

You can also use Google Scholar to search for journal articles, and you can adjust your Google Scholar settings to link to Goldsmiths Library. Remember that Google Scholar may often not provide as comprehensive or reliable search as specialist databases.

Understanding a Journal Article Reference

In OSCOLA, a journal article reference will look like this:

Author(s), 'Title of article' (Year) Volume number/Issue OR [Year] Title or abbreviation of journal First page number


Dean Taylor, 'Touchstones and the double-edged sword of property guardianship' (2022) 25(2) JHL 33

The journal title/abbreviation, year of publication and volume and issue numbers (highlighed above) will be particularly useful in helping you find and access the journal.

If a journal has numbered volumes, the year will be in round brackets. If not, the year will be in square brackets.

To find out what a journal abbreviation means, use the Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations.



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