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eBooks: Finding ebooks during COVID-19

A guide to using the library's eBook collections.

Finding Ebooks during COVID-19

During the Covid-19 pandemic, a number of publishers and online content providers have given temporary access to ebook collections. However these are not included in Library Search and can be tricky to find, so we advise you follow these steps to check if you can access an ebook.  
Please ask a member of staff on Live Chat if you need any help.  
Search for your book (title and author/editor) in the following places:  
  1. Library Search
    Select ‘e-books’ or ‘Electronic Books’ before you start searching. 
  2. Senate House Library
    You can access Senate House e-resources from home (for free). Register or renew online if you do not have a current Senate House Library account. 
  3. Search engines 
    Check on Google or another search engine. Try using '.pdf' in your search, but watch out for copyright infringements. 
  4. Free ebook collections: These are not included in Library Search.
  5. The publisher
    Check who published the book, and then see if they’ve given free access to their collections during Covid-19. Remember that some publishers are actually small imprints of larger publishers. These are not included in Library Search.
    1. Check our Free Resources During Covid-19 page to see if the publisher is listed and to get access
    2. Check the Public Books Database, a list of publishers offering access to some of their publications

If none of these steps give you access, you can do the following: 
  1. Check Proquest Ebook Collection to see if the ebook is available to rent. Ebooks that are available for rental will be marked as “Available on request”. Click on the title of the ebook. You will see the option to either “read this book” for 5 minutes or “request this book”. We will let you know if your rental has been approved.
  2. Check out some of our alternative e-resources on the same topic on Library Search or on our Subject Guides

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