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Media, Communications and Cultural Studies: Databases

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Specialist databases & collections

Databases search across a number of different journals in one go and provide advanced search functionality compared with journal collections and search tools such as Library Search and Google Scholar. Databases also contain conference proceedings and other material not available elsewhere. To get the best out of these databases speak to your subject librarian or consult the help pages available within each database. 

Whilst some of the journals in the collections below will appear in Library Search it is still a good idea to search individual collections to ensure you haven't missed any key literature. Bear in mind that journal collections have less search functionality than databases.

Library databases

'Database' is a broad term used to describe a collection of sources, which could include a variety of material such as:

  • Journal articles
  • Newspapers
  • Video 
  • Audio recordings
  • Images

Some databases provide access to the material, such as 'full- text' journal databases, and some, such as indexes, only provide records of the items that are available. Indexes are therefore more comprehensive in their coverage than full-text databases but full-text databases serve as a good starting point and highlight material that you have instant access to. The amount and type of databases you search will therefore depend on how in-depth your search needs to be.

Many databases can be searched through Library Search but this is dependent on the content provider permitting this. If you know which database you wish to search, it is advised that you search the database directly. This also avoids finding less relevant results from other sources.

The main databases that would be useful for Media, Communications and Cultural Studies students are listed below. For help using any of these databases, please contact your subject librarian (contact details in the right hand column) in the first instance.

An A-Z list of all databases subscribed to by Goldsmiths is available here.

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