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Media, Communications and Cultural Studies: Databases

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What is a Database?

A database is a searchable collection of information, usually related to a particular subject area or topic. Library Search is good for searching most of the library's books, peer-reviewed articles and journals simultaneously. In addition to books and journals, databases are good for finding a broader range of information types such as audio-visual material, newspaper and magazine articles, dissertations, theses, data sets and statistics. Most databases also have better search functionality than Library Search and can help you to find more relevant material more quickly.

Sometimes items from databases can be found using Library Search, but some items can only be found by going to the database directly. We use a traffic light system to explain whether items from a database will appear in Library Search results. If a relevant database is amber or red then it's a good idea to repeat your search in the database.

In this page I have listed the databases I think are most relevant to your department. You can also see a full list of the library's databases here.

For help using any of the databases listed below, please contact me using the 'email me' or 'book a one-to-one appointment' button in the right hand column of the guide.

Useful Databases for MCCS Students

Databases search across a number of different journals in one go and provide advanced search functionality compared with journal collections and search tools such as Library Search and Google Scholar. Databases also contain conference proceedings and other material not available elsewhere. To get the best out of these databases speak to your subject librarian or consult the help pages available within each database. 

Whilst some of the journals in the collections below will appear in Library Search it is still a good idea to search individual collections to ensure you haven't missed any key literature. Bear in mind that journal collections have less search functionality than databases.

Goldsmiths students and staff are entitled to free membership to Senate House Library which is the central library for the University of London and the School of Advanced Study. Through Senate House you have access to a range of databases covering art and cultural memory, Black histories and studies, Latin American studies, LGBTQ+ studies, political activism, protest and counter-culture to name a few. You can see a full list here.

To register for access to online resources just click the Register Here link at (you'll need to login with your Goldsmiths username (e.g. cuser001) and password to do this).

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