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Sociology: Books

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Online Library Induction 2018.

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The library has a well stocked collection of print and electronic titles for Sociology. Using Library Search and searching by title, author and/or keywords is the best way to find relevant material. Books are arranged on the shelves using the Dewey Decimal Classification system (000-999) - note the number (classmark) with the accompanying letters to find them. See below for a list of the some key relevant classmarks.

First Floor   305.31 Men
300 Social sciences 305.4 Women
300.72 Social science research methods 305.42 Feminism
301 Sociology 305.5 Social class
301.1 Sociological theories 305.8 Race, ethnic and national groups
301.2 Anthropology 306 Culture and institutions
302 Social psychology 306.85 Families
302.23 Popular culture/mass media 307 Communities
303 Social processes 307.76 Cities
304.6 Population 320 Politics
305 Social groups 323 Human rights
305.23 Children 330 Economics
305.26 Older people 364 Criminology

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