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Academic Skills Online

These online tutorials are designed to help you develop the academic skills you will need whilst studying at Goldsmiths.

This section is designed to show you how to get the most out of your lectures and seminars and take effective notes to help with your essay writing and exam revision. It follows a logical sequence of 3 stages: things you can do before, during and after the lecture/seminar.

  • It will highlight the importance of preparation and  using active reading strategies to create useful note-taking frameworks prior to your lecture/seminar.
  • Next, it will emphasize the importance of using active listening strategies during your lectures/seminars to help you note any relevant details.
  • Finally, this workshop will suggest strategies you can incorporate after the lecture/seminar to enhance your notes or help you fill in any gaps you may still have. 

There are demonstrations, videos and interactive activities for you to work through.  

Note Taking Reflective Questionnaire (Interactive)

Start by downloading this interactive questionnaire designed to help you reflect on your note taking strategies. Complete the first 3 columns and save the document before working through the rest of this section.

Afterwards, complete the 4th column 'actions for improvement' to reflect on what you have learned.  

Why is it a good idea to take notes? 

Before Your Lecture or Seminar

Watch this to get some ideas about how to prepare for your lectures and seminars. 

How to Create a Note Taking Framework:1 

This demonstration will show you how to deconstruct guidance notes provided by your tutor before a lecture or seminar. From this you can construct a framework which you then take into the lecture or seminar and use as a tool to assist your note taking. 

How to create a note taking framework: 2

Following on from the demonstration above this reinforces the concept of note-taking with a different framework example. 

During your lecture

Some suggestions on how to make the most of your lecture and seminars while you are there. 


Interactive exercise : practice using a framework to take notes during a lecture.

After your lecture

What should you do after you've been to a lecture or seminar?