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Audiovisual Collections: DVDs and Videos


There is a large collection of DVDs and videocassettes, including feature films and documentaries. Viewing facilities are available. There are open access stations for individuals to watch films through headphones (provided). Alternatively, groups may watch films in our three viewing rooms (207-209). Please visit the library help desk to book a two hour slot. Films may be borrowed for 7 days (see Borrowing information).

There are also closed access collections kept at the help desk. Films labelled as DVD [helpdesk] can be borrowed for 7 days. Films labelled as Course Reference can only be borrowed by academic staff, but students can still request these films to watch in the library but must return them the same day.

Audiovisual material cannot be borrowed by external users.

Classification of Feature Films

Feature films are assigned a classification number according to genre or region as set out in the table below. The classification number will be followed by the first three letters of the film title, for example Carrie based on the Stephen King novel would be given a classification of 791.43714 CAR. The best way to find out where a specific film is located is to use Library search, the library catalogue. 


791.437 English Language Films 791.43743-99 Films not in the English Language
791.43711 Thrillers; Film Noir 791.43743 Germany
791.43712 Gangster Films 791.43744 France
791.43714 Horror Films 791.43745 Italy
791.43716 Science Fiction Films 791.43746 Spain
791.43717 Fantasy Films 791.43747 Russia (including Soviet Union)
791.43719 War Films 791.43748 Scandinavia
791.43721 Western Films 791.43751 China
791.43724 Comedy Films 791.437519 Korea
791.43725 Animated Films 791.43752 Japan
791.43728 Epic Films 791.43753 Middle East and North Africa
791.43731 Black Cinema 791.43754 India
791.43733 Women's Cinema 791.43755 Iran
791.43735 Gay Cinema 791.43759 South-East Asia
791.43737 Experimental Films 791.4376 Africa
791.43738 Short Films 791.4377-78 Latin America


Classification of Documentary Films and Theatre Performances


Additionally, the library has a large collection of documentary films outside of these numbers, which reflect their subject. For example, Fahrenheit 9/11, directed by Michael Moore is classified at 973.931  FAH,  the same classmark as 9/11 and the War on Terror. Again the classification number is followed by the first three letters of the title. 

If you know a classmark that you regularly use for books, you can browse the DVD shelves to see if we have any documentaries or off-air television recordings. Alternatively, use the library catalogue and search by Videos/DVDs for a specific subject.

Film versions of plays and recorded performances are classified with the same classmark as the plays, and do NOT follow the film classification above. For example:

A Streetcar Named Desire, directed by Elia Kazan is classified at 812.5 Wi

Hamlet, directed by Laurence Olivier is classified at 822.33 K7

Six Characters in Search of an Author, directed by Stacy Keach is classified at 852.89 Pi

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