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Audiovisual Collections: Using Audiovisual Sources in Teaching

Including Audiovisual Sources in your Reading Lists 

The following information is for Goldsmiths academics and teaching staff who would like to use audiovisual sources in their modules.

Audiovisual sources (such a film, television, radio, and music) needed for modules should be included in the online reading list on ReadingLists@Gold. This excludes lecture capture or learning materials created on Panopto, Microsoft teams, etc.    

This helps ensure that students have quick access to audiovisual sources (which can be difficult to find) and that the Library has teaching-focused audiovisual collections.   

Details of the reading list deadlines can be found on the Reading List guide.    

To assist the Reading List Team to link to the correct version, please ensure you include exact publication details and include URLS/links to suitable free and legal versions where available.   

Essential Audiovisual  Sources

If you require your students to watch or listen to an audiovisual source as part of their module, we strongly advise checking our existing audiovisual collections first to see if we have access, or that you use freely available audiovisual sources that have been legally shared on the internet.   

Please remember that most of our audiovisual collections are not indexed by Library Search, so must be searched separately using the links in this Audiovisual Collections guide.   

If we do not have access through these online collections, it is unlikely that we will be able to purchase access elsewhere as most streaming providers (e.g., Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.) do not allow institutional subscriptions.    

Where no institutional online streaming option exists, we will endeavour to source the film by any legal means and will communicate the outcome with you. We cannot guarantee this will be possible for all requests.  

Please see our page  for full details of this process.  

Recommended or Further Audiovisual Sources

For ease of access for students, you can also include any additional recommended audiovisual content in your module reading list. However, we will not be able to purchase streaming or DVDs for recommended or further reading.   

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