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STACS - Understanding Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse: Books

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The library has a well stocked collection of print and electronic titles on Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse. Using Library Search and searching by title, author and/or keywords is the best way to find relevant material.  Print books are arranged on the shelves using the Dewey Decimal Classification system (000-999) - note the number (classmark) with the accompanying letters to find them. See below for a list of the main relevant classmarks.  However, remember that titles in your subject area may be found throughout the library depending on their approach, for example:

Law  340....

Social Work  362.....

Criminology 364.....

Psychiatry 616.8......

Useful classmarks for Social work subjects

Useful Classmarks
150 General Psychology
155.4 Child psychology
155.5 Adolescent psychology
158.3 Helping/coaching
300.72 Social science research methods
305 Social groups
305.235 Adolescence
347.4 Social work law (mental health law 362.2)
361.32 Social work practice
361.8 Community work
362.2 Mental health law
362.3 Learning disabilities
362.4 Physical disabilities
362.5 Poverty
362.6 Social work with the elderly
362.7 Social work with children
362.73 Children in care
362.733 Fostering
362.734 Adoption
362.76 Child abuse and neglect  
362.82 Family social work
364 Criminology
615.8515 Creative art therapies
615.85153 Play therapy
615.85155 Dance therapy
615.85156 Art psychotherapy
616.8521 Trauma/PTSD
616.8526 Eating disorders
616.585... Survivors (see also 362s)
616.89 Psychiatry
616.8914 Psychotherapy and counseling
616.89142 CBT including RECBT
616.89156 Family psychotherapy
616.8917 Psychoanalysis
618.92 Child health
618.9289 Child psychiatry
658.3124 Coaching/mentoring/mindfulness



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